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Customer Relationships Are Your Most Important Business Asset

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People talking about you

VinTank has the most powerful algorithms to understand what people say about wine and especially your brand. Whether it is a casual mention on a blog, a comment in a forum, or saying your brand name in almost any social media platform, we bring that information to you to give you a chance to hear what your customers are saying about your winery and wines. No other tool has better understanding of the wine and restaurant dialects to bring you the most relevant signal.

Conversations to you

Whether it is a comment on your Facebook Fan Page, a retweet, or loving a picture on Instagram, VinTank makes it incredibly easy to post, answer, and interact with your key social media channels. We also help you understand the value of your social customers (are they members of your wine club, have they bought from you directly, how much do they talk about your brand, how many times have they talked to you).

People talking with you

One of the most important interactions you can have is with a customer at your location. Whether they are taking an Instagram photo, checking in on Foursquare or tweeting at your business, VinTank makes it easy to see what they are saying, know how important they are to your business, and speak with them.

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