March 4, 2011

To and Fro – Predictions For Wine & Tech in 2011

We meant to get this gigantic presentation* out on our two year anniversary of being in business.  It is a combination of the things we are most proud of contributing to the wine industry from VinTank, a few projects we are very excited about, and predictions about wine and tech in 2011.  Enjoy and please share.  We are really looking forward to hearing your comments.

*apologies about the giant size of the file – we just like images so much . . .

To Eric’s point, this presentation is best viewed if you download it and put it in full screen view on Adobe Reader. Also ALL there are 100′s of links throughout the presentation. Hope you enjoy the journey as we have.

To and Fro from VinTank

  • Ward Kadel – @drXeNo

    Congratulations to you all: Paul, Clay, Ashley, Peter, Eric & Patrick. This presentation is a very worthy summary of the amazing work that you as VinTank have already done to revolutionize the wine industry. You continue to come up with innovation and creative ideas that always astound me in their scope, simplicity and potential (and immediate) power.
    Thank you for all of your support over these last two successful years and I am greatly looking forward to working more together in 2011 and beyond, yo!

  • Eric LeVine

    Wow, very cool presentation. Full-screen required for sure to really grock and appreciate.

  • Eric V. Orange

    Nicely done VinTank gang. I will pass it on.


  • Tim


  • RichardPF

    According to slide #46, about 250K wines were produced but only 30K-40K have been professionally reviewed.

    Can you define “professionally reviewed?” Is it just reviews in print media? Or does it include online reviews too? If online as well, who qualifies as a professional?

    Do you have any stats for the # of wines that are reviewed by “non-professionals?” Do you know how many of the same wines that both pros and nonpros review? How many wines do nonpros review that pros do not?

  • Jennifer Chou

    Wow! A lot of content to comprehend. Very insightful for wineries. Thank You!

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  • Paul Mabray

    Great question – there is actually far more wines produced every year but we like the conservative estimate. About 100K get to the US market.

    For professionally reviewed we only looked at “paid critics.”

    Unfortunately we don’t have stats for non-professionals but it is increasing exponentially.

  • RichardPF

    Thanks Paul. It seems like there is a need for more indepth surveys/studies of nonprofessionals/bloggers, which would thus help in ascertaining their impact. It would also be worthwhile to have more detailed on the demographics of those who not only read blogs, but who actually act on their wine recommendations. For example, i am curious whether bloggers have a larger “taste tribe” than the number of people who just stop by a blog once due to a simple Google search.

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