February 10, 2012

Transparency VinTank Style Part 2/3

We recently sent out a survey and per my promise, we are publishing a series of posts (this is 2/3; read part 1 here) to share what we learned, and what we are doing to address what our customers asked of us. THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who contributed their input to help us make VinTank better for you.

1. How do you use VinTank Social Connect?

  • To see a summary of what is being said about my brand – 64.4%
  • To see who new is talking about my brand – 17.8%
  • To create reports about conversations about my brand. – 2.2%
  • To watch what is being said about my competitor. – 0%
  • To manage my social media conversations. – 5.6%
  • I have no idea what your software does. – 6.7%
  • Your software is not helpful to me. – 3.3%

VinTank - The good news is that you are using our software for its primary purpose.  The bad news is that we are doing a terrible job helping you understand how to use our software even better.  The worst news is that some of you (~10%) answered that either you don’t know what our software does or it’s not helpful.  That is our fault.

Our next steps - Create more content and how-to’s to ensure we help you understand how to get the most out of the platform.

2. If you have any new matches we send you a daily email. If you have no matches, we don’t send you an email. What are your preferences on email?

  • I like the daily email, keep sending it. – 51.1%
  • I like the daily email even if I don’t have matches. – 4.4%
  • Please send me the email only 3 times per week. – 11.1%
  • Please send me the email weekly. – 33.3%

VinTank - The majority of responses either liked the daily emails (if they get matches) or weekly emails.

Our next steps - Add a weekly email option BUT we are hoping that our next release will make it even more meaningful for EVERYONE to at least sign in daily.

3. We are about to add super-charged features that focus on CRM. Which features most appeal to you?

  • Integrating my e-commerce/wineclub/POS CRM with my social customers. – 42.5%
  • Integrating my Facebook insights into the platform. – 33.3%
  • Ability to better respond to social media conversations from within the platform. – 51.7%
  • Ability to tag, organize, and report on my social customers. – 28.7%
  • A mobile version for reviewing social mentions – 26.4

VinTank - Our first lesson here is that we are lame at asking survey questions. What we meant to ask is which SINGLE function would most appeal to you. However, what we read into these responses was glaringly obvious to us. We need to add tools to help you manage customers that you interact with on your owned media channels, ESPECIALLY your Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts.

Our next steps - A release is coming next week that allows you to better manage the conversations on your Facebook page from within the platform (with support for other channels to follow). Another release in four weeks to organize your social customers that will also include *fingers crossed* a mobile version. And in 90 days we will be integrated with Vin65.com!

4. What are the other solutions you use to manage your social media efforts:

  • Tweetdeck – 42.3%
  • Hootesuite – 29.6%
  • Seesmic 2.8%
  • Twitter – 62.0%

VinTank - Looks like Tweetdeck is the clear winner (we agree).  For all conversations to or about you, you’ll be able to manage them right from within our dashboard.  For all other conversations we still recommend Tweetdeck.

5. Which Social Media sites do you use for your Brand (please check all that apply):

  • Facebook – 100.0%
  • Twitter – 84.1%
  • Google+ – 31.8%
  • Flickr – 25.0%
  • Youtube – 51.1%
  • Yelp – 40.9%
  • Foursquare – 36.4%

VinTank - Facebook pages will be integrated into our platform as of next Wednesday (with Twitter thereafter). We are exploring G+ and Yelp for integrations in the next 90 days.  We’ve been in deep conversations with Foursquare and hope to have a tighter integration in the same time period.  These will not only be integrated for listening but also integrated so you can manage your accounts directly from VinTank.

6. We have a section in our solution to enter your wine data and we distribute it for free to over 300 online entities like e-tailers, iPhone apps, and more so you don’t have to. We also use this data to help you better match the brand conversations from social media to your brands. Which best describes this feature?

  • I find these features useful. – 52.8%
  • I like the concept but I do not have time to fill out the data. – 38.2%
  • I do not understand the need to fill out wine data. – 3.4%
  • I find these features useless. – 5.6%

VinTank - This one is tough.  We understand that filling out the data is a boring and laborious process but this is one of the most important things you can do to help your brand online. The data now serves TWO key purposes. The more complete your data is in the system, the better we can match social conversations mentioning your brand, your products, etc.  As an added benefit, we syndicate that data for free to over 300 digital partners (mobile apps, e-tailers, wine websites, and more). One place, 300 solutions.

Lastly, you get a free Facebook app from Social Candy that lets you publish your wines in your Social Connect account right on your Facebook fan page.

Please know that we need your help here too.  If you have put your data into the system and a digital company requests your wine or winery data, PLEASE send them our way.  The data is free for them to get from our API. We want you to think of VinTank as your platform too so be sure to leverage it by referring requests to us.

7. In regards to social media how can VinTank be helping you better:

  • More tips on how to manage social media. – 56.3%
  • More seminars how to use social media. – 22.5%
  • More content how to use social media. – 37.5%
  • More articles about social media best practices. – 58.8%

VinTank - The message came through loud and clear. Please give us more information on how to better succeed at Social Media.  We are on the case!  Please also remember that when we send you a general email from VinTank we try to include some of the best curated articles we discover and want to share with you.  Also please follow our Twitter feeds where we curate the best articles we read throughout the week (@vintank, @pmabray, @james_jory, @evancover)

In the final post for this series, I will organize and answer all the kind comments, challenges, and feedback you provided in our survey.

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