April 4, 2012

Statistics on how the wine industry is doing with social media

After releasing our competitive set tool for our enterprise winery clients (http://www.vintank.com/2012/03/are-you-competitive-new-vintank-feature/) we decided to build a social score index to publish on the front end of our site (James is coding it away right now).  Think of it as a Klout score for wineries.  In building our algorithm we’ve discovered some interesting stats:

In our Facebook sample group of 576 wineries the daily average “likes” for a Facebook Fanpage is -26 to 33.

In our Twitter sample group Avg daily # of followers is -4 to 6 & Avg daily # of statuses from wineries is 1 to 4

Looking forward to releasing  our Winery Social Media Wall of Fame.

  • Davegregathinks

    Damn this is genius! It will bring out the competitive side in all of us…but I wonder, will this # or score be like Parker in the 80′s with his 100 point scale!? Controversy might be brewing :)

  • Rich Reader (aka @VineBuzz )

    Is the average daily followers a smoothed auto-regression? In such a case, Negative numbers would indicate a decline in total followers.

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