October 24, 2012

Wine Competitions with Jet Fuel

For the last couple years we have allowed wineries to digitally submit their wine details to all of Robert Whitley’s wine competitions, for free, right from within their VinTank account. The process is simple and many wineries have avoided the hassle of filling out entry forms for these competitions. Today we are stepping up our support for wine competitions big time with our partnership and integration with Enofile Online, the leading provider of full-service wine competition management services. Now you can browse the upcoming competitions supported by Enofile Online from within your VinTank account. Just click on “Competitions” under the “Winery” tab.

When you choose to enter a competition you will be taken to Enofile Online’s website. This is where the magic happens. Once you login at Enofile, they will automatically pull the wine details from your VinTank account and ask you which wines you want to import for competitions.

Once your wines are imported into Enofile, you can use their amazing platform to complete and pay for your entries, view awards/results from completed competitions, and much more.

In a future enhancement we will allow you to view your competition results from within VinTank and even allow you to quickly add competition awards as accolades to your wines.  You can expect many more enhancements from our free data syndication service over the next 30 days including:

  • Automated reports on how many companies are requesting your data with your percentage of completion for data.  This includes wine products that you have never entered.
  • More outlets for the data and more ways for companies to digest the data.
HelloVino has also agreed to join the data network and will take your wine data from VinTank if you send an email to hello@hellovino.com.  Caveat: they will not take the data unless you request it.

We continue to find more and more ways for you to maximize the the wine and winery data you put into VinTank that distribute for free.

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