January 22, 2013

2012 – What is the REAL Scorecard for Wine Varieties on Social Media?

I just read this report about the Wine Market Council’s presentation.  Unfortunately I was disappointed that the WMC didn’t ask us for the data when making the declaration that Moscato is the #2 talked about variety behind Chardonnay not because we didn’t get to contribute but that, in our opinion, the stats were incorrect.  Here are our stats from 2012:

Now these are “raw” variety mentions meaning all variations and synonyms of the grapes (e.g. cab sav for cabernet sauvignon).  This also excludes the term “Champagne” and brand overlay of products that are clearly single variety (e.g. SIP).  However even overlaying these brands our analysis still has these varieties in this order.  Enjoy.


  • http://www.terroirist.com/2013/01/daily-wine-news-perennial-appeal/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog » Daily Wine News: Perennial Appeal

    [...] shares its stats on “Wine Varieties on Socia Media.” My guess is it’s more accurate than the recent report from the Wine Market [...]

  • http://twitter.com/italianwineguy Alfonso Cevola

    sweet red wines not showing up yet? would love to know how far from the top they are…thanks

  • http://twitter.com/TAPASociety TAPASociety

    Nice to see Tempranillo on the list!

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