April 17, 2013

Brandon Farley Joins Team VinTank


I’m Brandon, the new Community Manager (aka Superstar/Firewalker) here at VinTank. I am excited to be joining Paul Mabray and James Jory, and proud to be representing such an amazing software platform. I get to see first hand the ingenuity and brilliance behind the platform as well as the revolutionary game-changing developments ahead. The best part about it? I’m not alone in my excitement, the whole team is so passionate about what we are doing. It’s an incredible feeling.

I actually believe that what got me this job was that I promised during the interviews that I would bring some serious dance skills to the team. Like real-time marketing/dance meme abilities. If the time comes to dance battle another team, I will be prepared to represent. Maybe my finishing move will be “The VinTank”. I will work on that alone, in front of a mirror. Far far away from smartphones or Google Glass.

My Role

When not dancing, as VinTank’s Community Manager, my aim is to bring together people, ideas and solutions. As a community advocate, I will be listening to and engaging with you, and with anyone who may interact with our brand. To keep you up-to-date on developments inside and outside of our company, I am working hard to update documentation, create tutorials, and present webinars.

The importance of using Social Media and Social CRM for business increases with each day. As we develop new ways of measuring and quantifying its value, I will be presenting case studies and use cases.  When we come across interesting tactics or strategies, I will share those as well — because we really want your brand to succeed and thrive in this evolving economy.

My Background

As a recent Business Management graduate, my interests and areas of study include sociology, psychology and economics — all focusing on the perspective of human behavior, with an emphasis on statistics. I like to consider myself a trend-spotter, but with a human touch (perhaps some would just call it ADD). It can be dizzying to look at both big picture and little picture all the time, but I feel it’s important for truly understanding people.

I grew up on the East Coast, working in the beverage industry at my aunt and mother’s New England brewery. I originally considered moving to California to play competitive golf, but I couldn’t help falling in love with NorCal’s incredible wine, food, and technology. So my girlfriend, Samantha, and I decided to move to Napa to find opportunities in the wine industry.

Here, I wanted to find a role that would combine my areas of experience and passion: beverage + business + technology. Kristy Sammis, Samantha’s sister and founder of the social media agency, Clever Girls Collective, introduced me to the VinTank team.

And now I’m introducing myself to you.

Let’s Be In Touch

If we haven’t already, I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and learning about what your brand is all about. While I plan to connect with everyone personally, please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, or dance-move suggestions.


brandon@vintank.com  -  @brandonpf

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.macdonald.750 Craig MacDonald

    Congrats Brandon!

  • http://twitter.com/brandonpf Brandon Farley

    Thank You Craig!

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