February 6, 2014

Share Social Management Efforts Across Your Team

At VinTank we always say that many hands make light work. Having only one person to manage your social media is like assigning every company email to a single employee. Our updates this week support this cause to make it easier for you to assign important conversations to other users and watch for developments. In order to take advantage of the team features you must first assemble your team.

Add Users with Granular permissions

Inviting users allows you to share your social management efforts across your team. Note that you must have account management privileges to add users.

To invite a new user
  1. Sign in to VinTank and click the My Account drop-down menu on the top right of screen and then click Settings
  2. Click on Users menu
  3. Click Add User
  4. Enter names, email address, phone numbers (optional), initials, and then set Account Permissions as appropriate
  5. Click Save
Examples of users you should consider adding to your account (even if they do not have the ability to use your social media platforms)
  • Marketing (To assist customers engaging with promotional content or a marketing campaign)
  • Sales (To engage with customers looking to purchase or for important trade interactions)
  • Tasting Room (To monitor activity or customers at your location and be notified of upcoming visitors)
  • Wine Club (For monitoring questions, feedback or wine club members at your location)
  • Winemaker (To directly engage with the people drinking and enjoying your wines)
  • PR (for mentions by critics or publications)

New Team Conversation Management Features

Comments, Likes, Retweets and the new Team options are now found in new tabs under each conversation. The tabs are only shown when there are Comments, Likes, Retweets or Team related activity for the conversation. You can show/hide the tabs via the “caret” icon in the details ribbon at the bottom of each conversation or from the “Manage post” menu item in the “…” action menu as shown below.

The Team tab provides 3 main functions: Notes, Assignments, and Watching. Counts and icons will appear in the tabs to indicate that there’s activity in the tab and if you’re assigned (pushpin) or watching (open eye) the conversation.

Assign Conversations to Other Users for a Follow Up
Assign mentions or posts to the most appropriate users within VinTank to improve engagement with your customers and add a note to give additional context. Users assigned to a conversation will immediately receive an email with the conversation and notes.
Claim a Conversation to indicate you were the Publisher
When multiple team members are publishing posts using your business/brand accounts, it is difficult to know who actually authored the post. By claiming a post, you are telling your team that you were the author. When possible VinTank will do this automatically but the Claim link allows you to do so manually.
Watch Conversations
If you just want to keep an eye on a conversation, “watch” a conversation to stay updated with further developments via email notifications.
Find all Conversations that you have assigned and are watching in one easy place

Team Settings

You can specify your initials and/or the profile image you would like the system to use to represent you as a user within VinTank. By default the system will derive your initials from First + Last name but you can choose your own or override if there are multiple users with same initials. To change your initials or profile image navigate to  My Account > Settings > General Info. 

We hope these team updates will make it much easier to collaborate and share your social management efforts across your team. To maximize the value of the team features be sure to connect all of your available social platforms for VinTank to truly become mission control for all of your social media.


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